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Studio Gallop

Studio Gallop for Yoga and Mat Pilates was established in Shikun Vatikim in Ramat Gan, with the goal of teaching Yoga and Pilates in small groups and private lessons.

In a natural way the studio grew and aspired to leave its wonderful apartment which served us well as our former home.


Today our new home is located between Shchunat Haruzim and Shikun Vatikim in Ramat Gan. The studio is accessible and inviting, spacious, modern, refreshing and allows to vary and wider our program.


Along with the changes, the aspiration is to keep the values we flourished on - professionalism, attentiveness, interaction, personal connection, stability, consideration, warmth and aesthetic quality.


Learning in small groups allows to continue in realization of these values and helps to create a caring atmosphere and an optimal environment for each trainee to learn and improve in self-confidence and self-willingness, together as well as separately.


Lessons are taught in a pleasant and professional atmosphere, with an emphasis on personal attention, and according to the abilities and needs of each trainee separately.


At Studio Gallop you will work on your fitness, flexibility, strength, mental and physical awareness, coordination, healthy spine, core and pelvic floor muscles. You will improve your posture and you will have more energy and confidence
with your body.


Pregnant and postpartum women will receive personal support and guidance as required for accurate training during this period. Trainees with back pain, injuries and other chronic physical pain are treated with targeted instruction to their specific sensitivity.


Management and instruction is done by Sebastian Katz. 




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